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The Magic of a Win!
Here at America On Stage we believe it is important to reward all dancers for their hard work. Our awards system reflects this ideal with awards ranging from the newest dancer on stage to the seasoned veteran winning a National Championship. The excitement that comes from winning, builds confidence, desire, and propels dancers to even greater heights.
As dancer progress from the novice levels, competition becomes more intense. Judges look at technique, critique showmanship, and watch dance style. Points are awarded and those scoring high enough are awarded 1st place. Once a dancer reaches the height of competition, they compete in the Professional "Pro" categories. Here competition becomes most fierce as dancers compete for one 1st, one 2nd, and one 3rd.
We believe as we award dancers for their hard work, they will continue to progress, grow, and develop their talents. Not all dancers are created alike, and not all dances competed are alike either. We try and award all those that make the effort to be the best they can be and when ready to compete at the top, award National Champions.

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