The best of the best in each level, category and age division.

Current SUPERStar Rankings
DANCE Categories
Current SUPERStar Rankings
CLOGGING Categories

SUPERStars Today

Utah State
Dance Championships 2018

Addison Perry
Addy Brough
Alee Carson
Ali Jaramillo
Ashlin Peterson
Ashlynn Wehrli
Audrey Woolston
Ava Woodland
Bethany Hansen
Braxy Bryant
Breanne Gordon
Brei Snyder
Brenna Dzierzanowski
Brooklyn Ward
Brylee Webb
Brynlee Morton
Celeste Camargo
Dakota Withers
Destiny Shields
Ella Henry
Elle Downie
Elizabeth Bachman
Gabe Button
Halee Crowther
Irylan Thompson
Jadyn Davis
Jayedyn White
Kallee Kidd
Kate Bentley
Katherine Harris
Kenzie Kidd
Kiara Burdette
Kylee Fox
Lily Bailey
Lily Bell
Loren Williams
McKinzi Stringham
Parijat Sarkar
Reagan a Murdock
Rylee Schaugaard
Shae Orgill
Shakayleigh Martinez
Stylee Steele
Tennessee Nelson
Tamsyn Allred
Tegan Williams
Toby Worland

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How it all works!

Every time you compete, you earn SUPERStar points (see below).

SUPERStars Today
Points are added all day long at each competition and those with the most points at the end of the competition are awarded as SUPERStars Today. They are awarded on stage with a special awards pin at the competition in the awards ceremony.

Overall SUPERStars
Points are added all year long and those with the most points at the end of the year are awarded as Overall SUPERStars at Nationals!

Dancers are awarded in OVERALL INDIVIDUAL, OVERALL DUET and OVERALL TEAM in EVERY LEVEL! Last year's National SUPERStars are listed at the bottom of this page.

SUPERStar Points awarded

Place Lower Levels* Highest Level
1st Place 25 50
2nd Place 15 30
3rd Place 5 20
4th/5th Place 5 10

In Dance Lower levels are Novice - Intermediate
In Clogging Lower levels are Novice - Championship

Extra Points for HIGH GOLD!

You receive 5 extra points for achieving a High Gold ranking!

SUPERStar Points multiplied by Number of Dancers

Once you have your SUPERStar points above, the number of SUPERStar points you receive above are also multiplied by how many dancers are in the entry.

Ex. An Individual has their points multiplied by 1 (One dancer competed).
Ex. An Duet has their points multiplied by 2 (Two dancers competed).
An Team has their points multiplied by the number of dancers on that team. (A team of 10 has their points multiplied by 10 since 10 dancers competed).


All team points are then multiplied by the number of competitions a studio has attended with their teams (All studios start at 1).

Ex. A studio that is attending their 3rd event with their teams will have all their team points multiplied by 3!

*Studio points are only multiplied by the extra multiplier if teams from that studio are competing


Finally, teams who win Overall Team awards receive an extra 300 points!

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Final 2017 Overall SUPERStar winners!
Dance -Individual
425 RyLeigh Bell
200 Lily Carlson
190 Lyssy Begay
180 Kambri Bawden
175 Tennessee Nelson

500 Sensations - Tegan and Maezie

4085 T & T Dance T & T Dance
3400 DANCE ATTITUDE Dance Attitude
2850 Dance VIbe Steppin' Out

Clogging/Power Tap - Individual
3450 Brielle Moyes
3075 Blakely Warner
2650 Francesca Guzman
2605 Aly Whetten
2550 Drue Spalding

600 Brynlee Sannar, and Carrie Kump -
500 Jaycee Pyne and Maddie Taylor -

6400 Foothill Sweetpeas - Mini (7-8)
3920 Foothill Minis - PeeWee (4-6)
3750 Just 4 Clicks Embers - Mini (7-8)

Dance - Individual
425 Jayda Nielsen
390 Loren Williams
270 Dakota Withers
225 AdriAnne Grimes
225 Mckayle Rowley

340 Cale & Trey Torgerson

5400 Production Legacy Dance Studio
4675 Edge Elite Dancerz Edge
4460 Drive Company American Exp. of D

Clogging/Power Tap - Individual
3625 Presley Munns
3590 Adrienne Weekes
3540 Gavin Moyes
3120 Jada Hacking
3070 Tyann Wright

1250 Alyssa & Adalyn Gailey - Mini (7-8)
1090 Alyssa Gailey & Brooklyn Hawks - Elem

8200 Foothill Fusion - Junior (12-14)
6300 Foothill Impact - Elementary (9-11)
5775 Rocky Mtn. Lightning - Junior (12-14)

Clogging/Power Tap
5810 Lily Rivkind
5655 Megan Howells
4480 Sarah Moore
3750 Bailey Munns
3325 Maren Stirling

Total NameAge
2910 Lily Rivkind & Megan Howells -
1140 Lily Rivkind & Sarah Moore - Junior

7615 Just 4 Clicks Wildfire - Young Adult
7225 Rocky Mtn. Unlimited - Adult
6780 Starz Unlimited Combined - Young Adult

Dance -Individual
500 Ella Henry
475 Bethany Hansen
440 Alee Carson
425 Makayla Scaife
375 Jenny Kelly

Duet - 500 Caitlin Wicker/Lillian Bramble

7505 Falling Star-Senior Falling Star
4650 Petite Chic Dancerz Edge

Clogging/Power Tap - Individual
3150 Peyton Warner
3100 Nicole Hansen
3090 Ayana Nelson
3020 Kyree Lewis
2810 Olivia Tucker

1250 Nicole Hansen & Ayana Nelson
1250 Rachel & Cassie Jolley - Junior

8250 Foothill Extreme - Junior (12-14)
5400 Foothill Energy - Mini (7-8)
5200 Starz Unlimited Elem. Mixed
Dance - Individual
1450 Brei Snyder
1100 Coltin Snyder
685 Kalli Sanders
385 Harleigh Hansen
330 Irylan Tomlinson

Duet 1540 Brei Snyder/Coltin Snyder

4620 Company Hot Shots Dance Studio
4200 Senior Prodigy Jazz n Place
3980 Pre-Elite N-Step Dance Academy

Clogging/Power Tap - Individual
4835 Hannah Moore
3785 Heidi Hewitt
3515 Jill Rich
2900 Sidney Fry
2845 Chloe Biorn

1190 Dalton Rivkind & Gavin Wardell - Elem
1000 Dalton Rivkind & Hannah Moore - Mini

12150 Foothill - Junior (12-14)
5650 K&C's FAB5 Illusion - Elementary (9-11)
5000 Rocky Mtn. Extreme - Elementary (9-11)

Clogging/Power Tap
5005 Maddie Davidson
4760 Kylie Coffman
4750 Bailey Tucker
4335 Lindsay Munns
4180 Sydney Coffman

1960 Halle & Bailey Tucker - Junior
1550 Kylie Coffman & Lindsay Munns

25555 Rocky Mtn. Premiere - Young A
18360 Extreme Rhythm - Young Adult
12050 Rocky Mtn. Sensations -




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