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What are Director's of the year?
Each studio's SUPERStar points are added all year long together!
At Nationals, the 15 studios with the most SUPERStar points are crowned Directors of the Year.

2017 Directors of the Year

Misty Anderson
Shanna Cook
Jazlyn Hyder
Dawn Naylor
Kimberly Nelson
Julia Penate
Natalie Porter
Jana Shaw
Pam Snyder
Brittany Stott
Anne Weichers

Clogging/Power Tap
Kandice Anderson
Ashley Fewkes
Cambria Gibson
Brandi Gollinger
Adison Hillstead
Hailey Hillstead
Bethany Hulse
Nicole Moyes
Vickie Neilson
Tara Osborn
Kasandra Parker
Maria Tucker
LaChere Vawdrey

Last competition updated: Autumnfest Championships 2017

2018 Directors of the Year CURRENT Standings
**New in 2018**
The TOP TWO Directors will be called DOUBLE PLATINUM Directors of the Year
The next 8 Directors will be called PLATINUM Directors of the Year
The next top 5 Directors will be called GOLD Directors of the Year

Points Studio Name Director's Name
50 Junior Cloggers Angie Fisher


Clogging/Power Tap
Points Studio Name Director's Name
11525 Extreme Rhythm Bethany Hulse
10580 Rocky Mountain Express Maria Tucker
9400 LaChere's Fab 5 Studio LaChere Vawdrey
7655 K & C's Fab 5 Studio Kandice Anderson & C. Gib
4235 Foothill Cloggers Tara Osborn
3405 Just 4 Clicks Clogging Studio Nicole Moyes
2585 In Step Clogging Kasandra Parker
2345 Stomp it Out Cloggers McKenna Flores
1620 Junior Cloggers Angie Fisher
1095 Starz Unlimited Brandi Gollinger
865 Mann Family Cloggers Twilla Mann
600 High Definition Andrea Dawes
180 Silver Creek Cloggers Ruth Skousen Mattox
90 Ground Control Adison Hillstead & Hailey Hillstead
75 Razz & Rhythm Dance Academy Missy Maughan



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