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Covid-19 Transferred Fees 
If you paid in 2020 for an event that didn't happen, and you didn't ask for your fees to be refunded
they are automatically transferred to 2021.

Here's how to see what transferred fees are there, and how to use them.


Where do I see what fees transferred to 2021 from 2020?
You can see which payments are credited towards each event at this link: 2021 Transferred Fees

2. How do I apply these Transferred Fees to this year's events
These fees are AUTOMATICALLY paid towards that event. You need do nothing to have those fees applied
When you register, consider them as a grant already applied Simply pay the balance due.


Now, if the fees were for a soloist, or duo/trio, you will need to Re-REGISTER them for this event.
Only the payment transferred, not the registration.
Register them like normal (or -re-register them), just don't make any payment. The payment will automatically be attached to their new registration.
Otherwise, any payments will go towards the studio balance.

All registrations from 2020 have been cancelled. No registrations have been transferred, only the payments.



1. If a dancer is not attending, how do I change where their fees are assigned?

If you need to assign fees paid for one event last year to another event,
simply Email us at with the request and we'll get it transferred over.


2. What do I do my fees are not showing up as credited towards 2021?
If you believe you paid fees that were not refunded and should have transferred, 
simply Email us at with the dancer's name, director's name, and who made the payment.
(If you have the date of when it was made and the amount, that can speed up the process, but we can track it down, no problem).
We'll get that payment found and either apply it, or show how it was refunded.

Any other questions, simply Email us and we'll do all we can to help.

Any event that is cancelled due to Covid will be refunded completely. We'll make sure and take care of you.

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