Clogging All-American Dance Off Pre- Registration

Avoid the registration line, have one less thing to do at Nationals. The earlier you register, the higher the number you receive.



All-American Pre-Registration is closed.

All who wish to register, may do so at Lagoon.


















































Who can register early....
All dancers who are 1) registered for any Pro individual or duet and are 2) paid in full are ALREADY QUALIFIED for the All-American Dance Off.

(Number won't be assigned until your All-American payment is processed). If you are not registered in pro, you must qualify at America On Stage 's Nationals at Lagoon. For additional information about Nationals rules, please click here.

Once registered and paid, you will receive a payment Email confirmation. Please bring that to Nationals just in case you need registration verification.
Once you are at Nationals, simply get your All-American Number at the numbers table
All pre-registered numbers will be allocated by date and will be available at Lagoon at the numbers table.

Cool huh!

All-American Dance Off Pre-Registration

1. Enter All-American Registration info below:

Select your Name:
Only Pro already registered names are listed.
Select your individual name if competing individuals and/or duets
Select your duet name if competing duet only. Don't see your name? Email us
Age as of Nationals: 
Age Division:  
Home City: 
Studio Name: 
Jacket Size 
Have you been All-American Before 
How many years? Select 0 if you haven't been AA

Click here to see your personal All-American history (to count your years)

2. Enter Age Division & All-American categories to compete below:
Please select what you are competing at Nationals in Age Divisions in the light blue below.
Then select what you would like to dance off in All-American in dark blue below.

* You may ONLY compete in All-American what you have competed in Age divisions.
       Ex. You may not just do freestyle in age divisions, and then dance off Freestyle, A Cappella, and AA Solos in the dance off. You must be registered and paid in age divisions in each category to compete that category in All-American.

Check ALL events in light blue that you are COMPETING at NATIONALS
Long Duet Short Duet A Cap Duet Freestyle A Cappella AA Solos
Check ALL events in royal blue that you are COMPETING for ALL-AMERICAN
*check boxes must match. You must be registered and paid in your age division at Nationals to dance off the same category for All-American.
Long Duet Short Duet A Cap Duet Freestyle A Cappella AA Solos



See who is registered for All-Americans already