America On Stage presents the most exciting program in competition
2023 Clogging All-Around Solos!

All-Around Solos are fun, exciting pre-choreographed, inexpensive solos cloggers compete at competition along with teams, freestyle, duets and A Cappella.

Solos break down freestyle into different styles of emphasis.

All-Around Solos are similar to Freestyle in the dancers compete individually,
but each solo is pre-choreographed by America On Stage Staff
and everyone in each level competes the same solo on stage.

Each solo focuses on different areas.
Line - Arms and Footwork combined
Show - Showmanship and theme
Percussion - Rhythms and Cadences
Traditional - Footwork done on both feet
Challenge - Difficulty

5 All-Around Solos. Can you master each technique?

Compete them in a new style with 6 on stage at a time at any America On Stage competition.


(Digital Solo Files and free music files)


(all 5 solos in a level)


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for every student in your studio!  

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2023 All-Around Solos

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2023 All-Around Solo Choreographers

Bethany Hulse - Solo Committee Chair and Director

Missy Maughan

Ayrion Myers

Maria Tucker

LaChere Vawdrey

Kandice Anderson

Lindsey Greenwood

Hailey Hillstead

Caden Maynes


Kasandra Parker! - Technical Staff!

What Makes All-Around Solos so amazing?

All-Around Solos are pre-choreographed - you just teach what is shown you!

All-Around Solos are inexpensive - just the price of one freestyle ($19) to compete as many solos as you want! Compete many times at each event.

Compete in the level you are qualified. You may excel at one and not another. Dancers may be in one level for one solo and another level for another solo. Learn all solos and advance as quickly as you can.

6 dancers on stage at a time - no dancing "all by yourself"!

Progress up to be a Pro Solo Master!

Get an All-Around Solo packet - DVD with all Solo choreography and the music to help you teach

5 All-Around Solos in each level

All-Around Solos are similar to Freestyle in the dancers compete individually, but each solo is pre-choreographed by
America On Stage Staff and everyone in each level competes the same solo on stage.
Each solo focuses on different areas. Each year, we introduce three additional solos to last year's two solos. 
Come compete the latest!



Learn the All-Around Solos in two ways:
1. Schedule an instructor from the All-Around Solo Committee to come out and teach you and your studio an All-Around Solo workshop!
*You get personal instruction, a free All-Around Solo packet, and all your questions answered! You can also hire the instructor to choreograph another dance for your teams. C
ontact America On Stage and set up a private workshop with one of the Solo Committee instructors and have your entire studio learn all the solos in one day!

2. Come to Autumnfest Solo and Duets competition in November! Solos are taught and competed that very day! Compete your All-Around Solos, freestyle, A Cappella, Duets, and Short Duets without any pressure from teams. Come see this new and exciting style of competition! Click Here!

3. Order your All-Around Solo packet today at or call (801) 224-8334 and begin learning the solos. You can teach your own students. Packet includes 3 DVDs with 30 choreographies, a free music CD, teaching instructions, instructor's license for student packages. Click here to go to ordering page.

There is nothing like this solo program and these DVDs. In addition to learning the solos, you will learn all the latest steps for each level. Instantly, you have your own personal teacher showing you all the latest styles and steps. And the are 30 different solos!


Get your All-Around Solo Package!
All-Around Solo Packets cost $159 for all 30 solos, CD, and instructions. After September 30th, they will cost $159.
Purchase includes admission to the Director's Retreat in November in Salt Lake City as well! Order them online by clicking here!

Contact the America On Stage Solo Committee for workshops and any questions!
America On Stage (801) 224-8334 or



We are offering special "Student Solo Packages"!
Directors who purchase an All-Around Solo Packet will receive a license number their students can use to purchase one level's solos digitally.
Student Solo Packages will cost just $25, and student's can order as many as they want.
You must have your director's license number to purchase the Student Solo digital package. Otherwise, anyone is available to purchase the entire packet.
Purchase by clicking here!

We hope this helps each studio to succeed in teaching the solos!

All-Around Solo digital files and free music may not be copied, reproduced, sold, or distributed without written permission from America On Stage. Directors may not make share solo packet information or make copies of the DVD for students, parents, or other directors.



What are the awards for All-Around Solos?
Each Dancer receives either a 1st, 2nd or 3rd place pin to place on their medals.

Dancers who win 1st place in each of the Solos will be declared a Master Soloist.
Special Master Solo Pins are awarded in the Overall Awards Ceremony.

When do I move up to the next All-Around Solo level?
After winning twice in a certain solo, dancers may move up to the next level's solo. Dancers may be in different levels for different solos.

How are they competed on Stage?
All-Around Solos are competed in 6 lines in Novice - Beginning, 8 lines in Intermediate - Advanced levels and 4 lines for Championship and Pro levels.
Each Judge will score 2 lines in Novice - Advanced. 2 judges will score each line in Championship and Pro. See the Question and answer page for more details

Get all the information you need with the All-Around Solos Director's Packet.
You get your Director's Digital files and a free music to teach you everything!

Get all the Solos taught to you on these Instructional digital files. Each of the 6 levels has five solos and they are taught to you by the best instructors around.
Just play it in on any digital player and learn the solos to teach your students.

Get your All-Around Solo packet including digital files and music with instructions and you will also receive a free admission to the Director's Retreat and Workshops in November.



Get the songs for the All-Around Solos on this Free Music file. You will get the each solo song recorded in slow and normal speeds. You also get a 3 minute version of each song with 8 count breaks so you can practice the competition exactly as it is run at competitions.

Have some questions, click here for your All-Around Solo Question and Answer.

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